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Our Philosophy

We believe the foundations for fostering every child’s learning and success to their highest potential is through treasuring, embracing, supporting, appreciating, respecting, accepting, encouraging, protecting and acknowledging every child.



We believe that each child deserves to be TREASURED for who they are, where they come from, and the life experience they have had so far, including their unique personality and characteristics, and the diversity of their family, values and culture. We aim to provide a context for learning that is inclusive of children, families, educators and communities. We aim to teach children to celebrate differences by including children’s lives, culture, families and interests into the program. Opportunities for learning are provided to every child.



We believe that each child deserves to be EMBRACED into their environment so they feel a sense of ownership and control, a sense of belonging, and a sense of importance and significance in their world. Every child will be embraced by an atmosphere of care, warmth, fun and humour so they can develop positive self esteem through feeling secure and welcome.



We believe that each child deserves to be SUPPORTED in expressing their thoughts, feelings and ideas; to be supported in understanding the feelings and ideas of others; and to be supported in being able to challenge and reflect on those thoughts feelings and ideas. We aim to build meaningful relationships with every child, use intentional teaching to guide each child in developing friendships with peers, and provide a context that allows for creative expression and role playing.


We believe that each child deserves to be ACCEPTED for their ability to make choices, for their ability to explore, to investigate, to take risks, and for their ability to be a collaborative partner in their learning and development. In relation to additional needs we believe ‘a child is a child first and foremost; a disability may affect the adaption of the child to the environment, but should have nothing to do with the sense of acceptance, regard and respect every child is owed’ (Kearns, 2010, p.329). We aim to provide the freedom to explore, investigate and discover, and source resources and strategies to adapt learning to meet the needs of all children.


We believe that each child deserves to be APPRECIATED for their contribution to their family and peers, environments, and the world. Appreciation characterised through being positive, responsive and listening attentively to the ideas and experiences they share.


We believe that each child deserves to be RESPECTED through having shared power in their environment. That they are not only heard but listened to and understood, and responded to in ways that demonstrate a high regard for their self esteem and identity. We aim to share power by collaborating with children on their learning experiences, be responsive to children’s ideas by extending their learning through scaffolding, and allow for a balance between child initiated and adult initiated play.


We believe that each child deserves to be ENCOURAGED to strive to be the best they can by developing and challenging their knowledge and skills in all developmental areas through learning opportunities created from their strengths, interests and abilities. Learning will be fun, stimulating, exciting and pleasurable.

We aim to document and evaluate children’s learning, promote learning about the natural environment, teach children to actively look after our planet, and encourage the desire to learn through questioning and discovery.



We believe that each child deserves to be PROTECTED in regards to their overall wellbeing by those responsible for their care through advocating for their rights and implementing practices that ensure their welfare, safety and health.

We aim to remain current in our knowledge and skills about Early Childhood Education, participate in OH&S training, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management training and Child Protection Training. We will be strong advocates for children’s rights and needs.



We believe that each child deserves to be ACKNOWLEDGED for their achievements and future potential by having educators work collaboratively with their family, peers and other professionals. We believe the family is the fundamental part of the child’s life. Therefore the experiences and expertise they share combined with the experience and diversity of the team of educators at our service and the specialist knowledge of other professionals facilitate the prospective learning opportunities and outcomes.


We aim to develop and foster partnerships with families, maintain respectful relationships with our team of educators at our service, establish and support partnerships with other professionals and collaborate with families and professionals on children’s learning and development. Overall, through play, we will foster children’s success.

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